As we are selling used product, we know it might be hard to see the condition of the items , therefore we trying to take the pictures of the products with a high resolution , so everyone can see them on our auction or copy pictures and paste them into their computers and see them clearly, even when you zoom in.

Please try to view all the pictures to see items condition before purchase to make sure that you are happy with their condition. All our skis are checked and they are damage free and they are in good working order.

All skis are used , so they will have general signs of use.  Some of skis has very little use ,some more what you can see on the high resolution pictures.

The skis can be collected in person in Abertillery , NP13 (Wales). We do not have a showroom for the skis, but we can arrange a viewing for any specific models you might be interested in. If you collect the skis yourself and pay in cash, we will offer you a further discount.

If you wish to see the native pictures , then we can send them to you.

If you need any information please do not hesitate contact us as form.

Shipping Policy :  Shipping within the 2-3 days after receiving full payment . Postage by the courier company with signature on delivery. Payment Policy :    PayPal , Bank Transfer or Cash on Collectio